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tasteing kfc

I dreamed i was takeing kfc to my guy in prison and we were eating it.I woke up and i licked my lips and i could taste kfc and i havent had kfc in two months..

what I am thinking right now,

as I am looking into the night sky I see a shooting star.I start wishing that I have a rocketship and I am chaseing the star.I am going the speed of liht.I want to see where the star is going,suddenly th star disapears and I shut off the engines and just float there and stare at the starsnd I grab my camera and start takeing pics of the stars..lok theres the big dipper.the little dipper.e milky way..the north star and all the zodiac I amtareing into the stars I wish I could float there forever.but I know I cant.I start the engines and turn to earth.the next night I am out in the backyard with my flight suit on and stareing at the night sky.wait theres another shooting star.engines on!!!

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